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have you bought anything off these site yahoo Japan?
if so, was it a hassle and what was shipping like?
I want to bid on the air-cooled fins you posted on the oss site the other day.
any help would be great.
regards Jamie.
Also if you buy multiple parts they will hold them at their warehouse for 30 days and you can group them together for one delivery parcel.
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Hi Jamie,
Won an auction on the 12/03 750 intake boots, delivered from the seller to Yahoo warehouse 15/03, selected (cheapest) and paid for shipping 15/03, delivered to my door West Ryde 20/03. Great service.
Cheers Andrew.
wow, that's great service. lucky to get anything delivered from aus post in nsw in that time frame.
Hi Was very impress with the control unit unit . I am having problem with my unit . I hope to get some advice and guide from you.
will appreciate your assistance.
I have a Katana GSX 750 s year of Manufacture 1984
thank you
Nathan Wolf
Hi mate I have a 1983 kat 1100 red and silver with the black motor and I am chasing a stator flywheel but just the flywheel if yah no anyone cheers thank you.
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