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have you bought anything off these site yahoo Japan?
if so, was it a hassle and what was shipping like?
I want to bid on the air-cooled fins you posted on the oss site the other day.
any help would be great.
regards Jamie.
The last item I bought a wiring harness left Japan DHL the same day as an item from Victoria a small frame part and the Japan item came first in 4 days. The next item a headlight with mounting frame delivered by Japan post was 10 days

Cheers Andrew.
thanks very much for your advice,
i will watch this site more often as it has a lot of good parts.
Also if you buy multiple parts they will hold them at their warehouse for 30 days and you can group them together for one delivery parcel.
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Hi Was very impress with the control unit unit . I am having problem with my unit . I hope to get some advice and guide from you.
will appreciate your assistance.
I have a Katana GSX 750 s year of Manufacture 1984
thank you
Nathan Wolf
Hi mate I have a 1983 kat 1100 red and silver with the black motor and I am chasing a stator flywheel but just the flywheel if yah no anyone cheers thank you.
Hi mate how are here,s me story I got a 1983 kat 1100 red and silver black motor and I have been chasing a stator flywheel and I can’t find one any where there the same as some 750 kat as well just wondering if you could help me out I do have two original mags wheels I want to get rid off as well cheers. Thank you.
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