top end recon.need piston holder/ring compressors


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seems the valve seals finally wore out producing some smoke and using using up oil on the way back from Perth last week after a quick visit to the 8th jap bike show ,700 k round trip and some quality time with my 16 yr old son,as soon as I can get the barrells honed and get replacement set of rings for the 74mm wiseco pistons I will need piston holders to replace the barrels ,so anyone know where I could get hold of this and ring compressors ,thanks
I have been a bike mechanic for most of my life & have managed to do without these compressors. ( tried but dont like them)
All to often the price of these tools are ridiculous for something your only going to use once in a blue moon.
Place something soft like some thick nylon under two piston skirts to stock the crank from moving whilst you gently rest the cylinder onto #2 & #3 piston & rings.
Position the ring end gaps accordingly. Then gradually push the rings in and working them in slowly as you work them from front to rear a few times. You can use something to assist as your fingers alone will not be enough ( preferably not a screw driver).
Slow and steady & be patient. Then I think fitting rings is in the ability of most people>
when I did this job 3 years ago I made up a set of piston holders and a set of ring compressors, took me 10 mins by myself to get the barrells down if that, the other option was to ask for some help and take about a hour using screw driver.I had lined up some help with a experience mechanic in the end I said thanks but no thanks ,even the guys at the track reckon that too, mess about with screw drives and takes about two people to get the pistons in , hate to think how many piston rings got destroyed in the process. Pat
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