The last day of Japanese consecutive holidays


GSX250S Rider
Last night I replaced the spark plugs for the first time after an engine overhaul. And I confirmed the abnormality of the 4th cylinder. It is rich.

p1 by Takahiro Ikehara, on Flickr

I thought this is probably the cause of the slight instability in idling. I checked air screw and pilot screw of the 4th carburetor.
The air screw was normal, but the O-ring was offset on the pilot screw. I do not know whether the O-ring was originally out of place or got out of place when removing the pilot screw. Anyway I assembled them correctly and set new spark plugs.

okutama by Takahiro Ikehara, on Flickr

Today I went to the mountainous area of ​​Tokyo by my Kat. I met a flock of monkeys along the way. After enjoying winding Road, I went home and checked the spark plugs.

p2 by Takahiro Ikehara, on Flickr

The 4th cylinder was still rich. So I checked the compression. But compression was normal for all four cylinders. So I came to the conclusion that there is a problem with the 4th carburetor. As a first aid, I tightened a pilot screw 1/4 turn. I'd like to wait and see.

PT360159 by Takahiro Ikehara, on FlickrPT360161 by Takahiro Ikehara, on FlickrPT360160 by Takahiro Ikehara, on Flickr

As a result of the previous first aid, the combustion condition of the 4th cylinder improved. And today I changed the oil.
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