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Okay enough eurotrash - here is one of the special bikes, my 1100 Kat. Another Ebay buy, I think I set the record price for an Australian Kat with this one - $15,800. But given it's originality and low KM - only has 29,000 so just barely run in but I felt it was worth the punt. Only got it with my last bid with 2 seconds to go so obviously someone else saw the value in it too. The bike was in the Shepparton Motor Museum for many years. The owner told me he'd go down to the museum each month - hook up a fan at the front and a battery at the back (and an old rocking chair to watch from) and start it up and go through the gears. Came with the manual and full tool kit (including the 27mm spanner). Closer examination since purchase seems to suggest that it has been down on it's left side previously and that's before I dropped it off the side stand at the servo on the way to the Laverda concours. Other than fix that up, put a pair of satin black airbox covers on the airbox, bit of a clean up and a new battery and oil change nothing else needed to be done and it runs like a dream. I haven't even tuned it since it came out of the museum. If you want a bog standard unrestored GSX1100SXZ as a reference point here is your bike.

Can I just say in passing that it really does look awesone....



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Fookin awesome! Congrats! I myself have a CB1100RB2, which I very much like and enjoy riding. An old friend of mine, "Dawid Katana" (72 yrs old), has 5 Kats, 2 of them SXZ's, and 1 equally rare, a South African GSX1000SZ (called Striker here in SA). The Striker also came with wire wheels and slide carbs. The Striker is 100% original down to the exhaust pipes like yours. You probably know the E27 motor story by now, but the SA SXZ had a few differences over the AUS spec bikes, they being pipe swingarm and the "hotter" E27 NZ motor. The one that I get to ride every now and again, is his ""hotted-up" SXZ, with 1142 Yoshi big bore kit, gas flowed top, Yoshi cams, and period Yoshi 4-1 pipe with V&H filters. He had the rear wire rim widened to 4 inches, looks sooooo right! This bike really fooks off! Below 6500rpm the 1000 Striker and especially my 11RB, trounces it, but above that, all hell breaks loose! I love any "superbike" from the 70's up to and including the first generation GSXR's. I had my rear rim also widened to 4,5 inches, looks awesome! Tried to post a few pics, but couldn't!
one awesome looking bike pkay good to see shes gone to a good home 29ks you will finish running it in over the next year or so eh
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