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From what I'm hearing about NGK plugs at the moment, they are not lasting well, I had one give me grief when I had just built my current motor, I'm running Iridium plugs now and am quite happy with them.

I'd probably go with anything else other than NGK in the future, Nippon Denso comes to mind here.

Dale, if you bring a set of new plugs on Saturday, we should fit them if you can get at them easy enough.

With those iridium plugs are you still supposed to set the plug gap to specifications - the ones I bought were miles out from spec and the thought of setting them to spec might result in damaging them as they are different to normal plugs having only the small pin in the centre that delivers the spark as opposed to the original type plugs that have quite a large 'spark shooter' (apologies for technical terminology here....) - either that or I bought the wrong ones. I fitted them as purchased and they seem fine - just wondering what others have done when replacing with iridium's?
I am no expert but am told a wider gap with these, 40 thou instead of 35 is ok with the electronic ignition.till somone else sez different.I stickem in straight out of the box at there preset factory gap,cheers. good luck.
had to swap out a new spark plug again today ,it wouldn't have 500 klms on it , pulled the new plug and gave it a clean ,still ran rough so brought new leads and replaced ,still no good then swapped out the new plug will old previously used ,finally some joy ,WTF.:evil:
In the end after finding out the long hard way, what I had done was put a in - line filter, this along with the tank filter and carbie filters was too much filtering to the point where when it came to putting reserve on ,the bike would starve for petrol, there ,there is some hard learnt experience.good luck with your own bike hassles.
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