Katana australia 40th merchandise


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Hello everyone!
There is a site on Facebook called: KATANA AUSTRALIA - https://www.facebook.com/117284188305/photos/2198250960265438/?av=100001729477265


All orders will be taken by Email at katana.australia@gmail.com

T-Shirts will be $25 order of 100

Stubby coolers $8.00 order of 100

Caps $20 order of 100

Patch's $10 order of 100

Long sleeve shirts $30 order of 20 ALL SOLD

Sloppy joe's $40 order of 50

Polo shirts $30 order of 50

Key rings $10 order of 100

All orders have to be payed for when ordering. Every item has to be sold to go a head with the order.

Payment is to be made to

Bank name : Macarthur Credit Union

Account Name: Darren Morris & Russell Stewart

Account No:100074304

BSB: 802-388

Please put your name in as the payment reference.

Please send your sizes for all items of clothing you would like to order. There is a picture of the sizes.

Postage will depend on size of orders. A photo is posted up with prices and sizes of the bags and boxes.

The box that is shown by itself for $4.85 is just the box with out postage.
Go onto this site and have a look at the pics!! Don't forget to go onto this Facebook site and check out all the pics of the merchandise!
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