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Hi Everyone
Its been some time since I've been on the site.
Seems the older I get the faster time goes.
I purchased a Kat 1100 82 about 12 months ago. I owned a 82 750 back in 1986 and always promised myself to restore a Kat some time as part of my bucket list.
I didn't know much about kats except I wanted an 1100 82 model this time around. So I started looking for awhile and I was put on to one by Paul at Hinterland Motorcycles on the Gold Coast.
its was rough and hadn't been running for about 9 years.
I had no where to work on it so I had to wait until I had finished building man cave. Well that took some time but now I have started on the kat.
I had trouble tracking down parts at the local Suzuki as they kept asking me to double check my vin as it wasn't on there list.
I had a friend come over who also has a kat 1100 82 model. Steve advised me that he believes this is a wire wheeled version as the vin is 101-266
the bike I purchased has alloy wheels on it, however they are 1983 rims on an 82 bike.
I remember Ken had a parts list on wire wheel part numbers but I'm not real quick with computers and I'm still trying to find my way around this site.
I have started my restro but want to do it right the first time and keep it totally original.
Does anyone have info on this particular model that will help me with the right parts and advise on resto's
I've never done one before but I guess jumping in the deep end is the only way to go. It will be a ground up rebuild and I will need a new wiring loom wheels and lots of other parts.
If anyone has any info drop me a line
Would like to catch up with anyone in the local areas and happy to travel to meet up some time.

Hi Pauly
I'm not great with Blogs so don't pretend to be an expert, but you may get more responses from the group if you post same in the Restorations section about Middle of the forum page.

As far as your resto, am impressed. I too had an 82' 750 back in 85, but let it go sometime 86/87. By chance did yours have the left side of the tank all dented in,Original 4-2 exhaust and under 5,000 on the clock?
Used to live in Logan area.

Anyway, I did same and got another 82' 750 couple years ago and spent 18month and too much ready doing full G up rebuild on everything except the engine ( that will be when I get time now ).

Most of my parts came from Mike Hone ( Melb ) reasonable pricing, Consolidated Motor Spares ( Netherlands ) pricing is up there & a little from EBAY ( mostly too expensive - refer to previous 2 options for original NEW parts first ).

Check you compliance plate for the month, assuming it's an original Aust delivered unit. Pretty sure that before June/ July is an 82' and after is technically an '83.

Anyway, the rest of the forum will have more helpful info on the WireWheels.

Hope to chat more and see your progress

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