Carby reconditioning

Rather flippantly yes....

There are no "good" places that I know of.,., just kiddies with no idea, and rip off merchants.
Hey Rusty. Awesome link, and some good advice. I will definitely give it a go. OK, how do you know to replace all o rings and gaskets. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Bill.
Cos after rebuilding the entire bike from frame up, was time to hit the key for the Kats first time in over 10 yrs..... Turned fuel tap on, carbies leaked everywhere. Replaced all the needles and gave a good service (as per that guide), but didn't replace the 5c o-rings in the fuel lines between each carb body.... was very disappointing as we couldn't start the bike up and had to wait another week to have time to redo....
Damn, that would have been so disappointing mate. Glad you got it sorted the next week and got that big Kat up and running ( smile now).
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