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    G'day mate, long time between chats. Wondering if you could have a look at these engine and chassis numbers for me and tell me what I'm looking at. Cheers Dave engine number GS110X157940, frame number GR71A104459. Apparently an 81katana but I'm sure that's a 750 frame number
    The front and rear hub part numbers are the same for gs750 and gsx1100.
    There seems to be a whole lot of mythology around the wire wheels and there sizes. I don't know if this comes about because what was used for racing was different from actual production. Seems that 18 inches were said to be used for racing front and rear. With wider rims and tyres??

    For production and from Suzuki parts schematics and parts online numbers and suziparts in da seems that wire wheels were the same size as the forged wheels.

    That is front 1.85*19

    Rear 2.5*17

    So looking at using gs750 wheels as a base.

    Hubs for both front and rear are the same part number.

    Gs 750 front wheel is the same 1.85*19.

    Rear for gs750 is narrower and wider rim...

    So do you have any thoughts or am I just talking out of my arse.

    Do you have wire wheels. And if so what are rim and tyre sizes on yours.any help or thoughts are appreciated.
    G'day I've been referred to you as the wise one when it comes to wire wheels.

    I'll try and keep it short. I am building a gsx1100 et 1980 and I have decided to put wire wheels on it.

    I can't find any genuine ones from then so I'm looking at creating them.

    There's a few wire wheels available for gs750s 1977 to 1979. I'll do another pm so I don't loose it all.
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