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  • Hi pat I am so sorry if I up set you I any way shape or form from my message I send you made me realize just how rude I was with my message I am very sorry I did that now I no that’s not the rite way and maybe it was due to I a dick head and this is my very first time ever to join any club what so ever but for what ever reason I sincerely thank you very much just for helping me out by explaing to me how not to write a message to all.
    Once again thank you very much cheers and do have a merry Christmas.
    Hi Patrick
    Sent you a txt to see when your passing through Sydney and Gosford. Few of the ska members keen to catch up for a chat and lunch if your able.
    Hope your travels are going well
    ok cheers ,been Manji 24yrs and owned my 1100 Kat 5 1/2yrs and a 650 kat 2yrs before that.
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